Samoa Drag Strip
Sporstman Motorcycle Class





1.   NO CROSS-OVER RULE:  The Sportsman Motorcycle Class was formed with two specific goals in mind.  The first is to provide an outlet for racers to compete against each other in a class designated for motorcycles and snowmobiles.  The second is to eliminate the potential safety hazard of competing against other vehicles (ie: cars, dragsters, etc.).  The potential hazard to the motorcycle/snowmobile racer, in the event of a collision with a much heavier, often faster, vehicle, is undeniable.  Therefore, the Humboldt Del-Norte Timing Association has determined that motorcycles, snowmobiles and 4-wheelers shall be raced against other like vehicles, in the Sportsman Motorcycle Class (as opposed to competing in other classes such as Sportsman, Pro, Super Pro).  An exception to this rule shall be made when an “Event Champion” (ie: The King of the Hill, Challenge Cup, Samoa Championships) is determined by racers of different classes competing against each other.  The Sportsman Motorcycle Class will not accept “Scooters”, “Pit Bikes”, or other two-wheeled vehicles not capable of traveling the ¼ mile in less than 17.99 seconds. 


2.  POINTS / SERIES CHAMPION:  It is anticipated that fourteen (14) races will be held during the 2008 season.  Points will be accrued by racers as follows:  1st Round: 10 points, 2nd Round: 11 points, 3rd Round: 12 points, etc., until all rounds of competition have concluded.  The winner of the final round will receive additional points, equivalent to that of advancing to the next round (ie: if winner is decided in the 4th Round, that racer is awarded 13 points for the 4th Round and an additional 14 points for the uncontested 5th Round). 

     The 2009 Sportsman Motorcycle Class “Champion” shall be determined by the racer with the highest cumulative point total for all of the races of the season.  Racers should calculate their own points total, which they can compare to the official Humboldt Del-Norte Timing Association / Sportsman Motorcycle Class standings, which will be posted prior to each race at the Samoa Dragstrip.  Sportsman Motorcycle Class point standings will also be posted online at  It is the responsibility of the racer to notify the class director of any discrepancy in points totals within ten (10) days of being posted.  If an agreement regarding the discrepancy cannot be reached between the racer and the class director, the dispute shall be decided by the President of the Humboldt Del-Norte Timing Association.  His/her final ruling shall stand.


3.   DISCLAIMER:    These rules are based on the NHRA Rule Book and NHRA Procedures and are subject to change.  Humboldt Del-Norte Timing Association reserves the right to change and/or update these rules at any time.


A.  All Sportsman Motorcycle Class races will utilize the three-amber, .400, “Pro” tree or the .500 "Sportsman" tree.  Racers who choose the .500 Sportsman tree shall clearly display "Full Tree" near their dial-in.

B.  Courtesy staging is recommended, but failure to do so will NOT result in disqualification.  Deep staging is allowed, but if deep staging, the racer MUST notify the starter and his/her competitor prior to entering the starting area.

C.      Qualifying will be based on reaction time to the .400 “Pro” tree or .500 "sportsman" tree.  Racers will be paired based on an NHRA Sportsman elimination ladder (ie: Eight Bike Field; #1 races #5, #2 races #6, etc.)  If an odd number of racers are entered in the event, the #1 qualifier shall be awarded a “bye” in the 1st round of competition.  There shall be no limit to the number of racers competing in the Sportsman Motorcycle Class (ie:  If more than 16 racers enter the event – all will be allowed to race).  Two competitors may not compete on the same vehicle on the same day. 

D.       All motorcycles shall have their Dial-In clearly posted on the motorcycle or support vehicle, if any.  The Dial-In shall be clearly visible and legible from the tower.  Once the motorcycle has staged, the racer has accepted the Dial-In.  If the Dial-In is not correct, the racer SHALL not stage and shall notify the starter of the situation by raising his/her right hand.

E.       In the 1st round of competition, lane choice will be awarded to the highest qualifier.  In subsequent rounds, lane choice shall be determined by the two competitors.  If both racers want the same lane, lane choice will be decided by coin toss.

F.       Track conditions, in a racing environment, often change.  It is the responsibility of each racer to evaluate the track conditions prior to each pass.  If the racer observes that track conditions are unsatisfactory, he/she shall notify the starter PRIOR TO STAGING by raising his/her right hand.  Once staged, the racer has accepted the track conditions, whatever they may be.

G.       Entry fees for the Sportsman Motorcycle Class shall be equal to that of the Sportsman Cars ($25.00) and shall have the same payouts as Sportsman Cars. 

H.       Any questions, comments, or concerns shall be brought to the attention of the class director.  If  the class director cannot facilitate an agreeable resolution to the problem, he/she may contact the Race Director or the President of the Humboldt Del-Norte Timing Association to resolve the matter.